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Sophie and Everyday Things…

As I sit here at the computer, the wind is rocking the house and the rain in pelting the windows. We’ve gone from glorious Autumn to the depths of winter in a heartbeat. It honestly doesn’t seem that long ago when the temperature was soaring and the fires were on the doorstep – and now we’ve got the wood fire on to stay warm. The irony of it.

I’ve just put the finishing touches on my latest kit, Everyday Things. I’m crazy about the grey and yellow colour scheme at the moment.




And introducing the newest member of the family – Sophie…



She has fit into the family like she’s always been here. When I first met her at the vets, she climbed onto my shoulder and began to purr. Of all the things she could have done, that was the one thing that would make her mine – Scooter did the same thing, all those years ago. Soph is currently sprawled on my husbands lap, purring like a chain saw.

Catch ya…


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From my garden…


Flowers courtesy of my husbands green thumb.
Bee courtesy of Mother Nature.
Storyboard courtesy of me. 😉

Catch ya…

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Storyboard Starters…


Oh boy, am I excited about these! It’s a little Photoshop action – press play and it creates a 12×12 page, makes room for the photos and pops them in for you. It even asks you for a background paper – it’s like it knows you want to add one. 😉

In fact, it’s so easy I’ll just do one now.


I timed it – just under 6 minutes. That included dithering about what font to use and talking to my husband.  This was us at lunch today – matching pics on the mobile. When they match, it’s a snap!

Anyway, Storyboard Starters Set 1 is up in my store now. I hope it makes scrapping that little bit easier for you.

Catch ya…

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Help me peoples…

If you use Photoshop, can you please test something out for me? I’m creating some storyboards and I’d love someone to test it for me and give me some feedback.

The link is here <expired>. This is just a quick one I whipped up – please let me know if it works for you. Thank you!

Catch ya…

September 9, 2008 at 8:29 am 2 comments

Bear in the woods…

Oh yeah, I’ve finished something!

Introducing Bear in the Woods…




I did enjoy making this one – especially the faux bois stuff (fake wood – hey, I didn’t know it was called that either). They’re in my store right now.

It’s amazing I’ve got anything done really. Yesterday I found some unspeakable “stuff” outside the bathroom door (courtesy of the cat) and a truck on my front lawn (nothing to do with the cat but just as surprising).

Then today I found my car on Google Streetview. See it?


No? What about now?


Getting closer…


Can you see me?


It was just as well I had pictures, as it was going nowhere today. Dead battery. And the toddler who won’t sleep…

And the other thing that’s been amusing me this week is Flight of the Conchords.


Love these guys. The way they hang it on Australians has amused Mr G and I greatly. And the music was great. In fact, most of Bear in the Woods was designed while listening to their cd.


Oops. Sorry, another gratuitous pic. If you haven’t seen them, take 2 minutes out of your day and have a listen to this risque little ditty.


I’m still hummng it (don’t really want to sing the words out loud – small children around and all that).

Catch ya…

PS. Like the new blog’s new clothes?

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You know what I like?

I’m knitting along with increasing frustration directed at my needles. They’re just about 4 inches too small for the seamless sleeve I’m knitting.

I got up and into the shower this morning and thought, right, I’m going to go and order the right length needles this morning. I shall knit in happiness.

And then, you know what? I turn on the computer and there’s a 10% off coupon in my email box for the very store I was going to buy them from. I kid you not.

Sometimes it really is the little things that make me happy. I should buy a Tatts ticket.


This is another little thing that’s making me happy. These hiking boot stamps I made last night. Look, I walked all over the paper with them. This kit is creeping closer to being finished. Slowly.

Catch ya…

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I am still here…

Promise. This time of year we get Tour fever and everything revolves around watching the bikes. This year I am hooked on watching the Tour and following the route on Google Maps Streetview.

Did I tell you I saw the the Google Streetview car last year? I was following it not far from home, out here in the sticks. To say I was surprised to see it is putting it mildly. I had no idea what it was and only caught a glimpse of the word Google on the door. I was on my way to my mum’s and as soon as I got there I googled “google car” and found out about Streetview. Turns out Mum had seen it the week before too.

(and if you think that this is about as exciting as my life gets, you’d be right)

I’m dipping my toes back into designing. Very little dips with my little toe, but I’m getting there. I was hoping to get this out this week, but it looks like it will be early next week instead – here’s a sneaky peek:


I’m off to park in front of the TV to watch the Tour go up L’Alpe-d’Huez. Crazy men. (only slightly crazier than us staying up until 2am to watch them)

Catch ya…

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