There was blood, there was bananas…

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Mr L is terrified by blood. His own, anyone else’s, anything that remotely looks like blood – he does not like it.

He also has a non-existent pain threshold. I mean he has no pain threshold. None. Zip. Zilch. He winces getting his fingernails cut.

Mr L has had a lose tooth for months. Months. We’ve offered cash, holidays, everything, but he wouldn’t wiggle it and help it come out. We could see the new tooth coming in behind, but the old one stayed put.

Here he is…


See it?


Well this morning, things came to a head. In the usual rough-housing way of boys, Mr A punched him in the face. This is not something we condone, I might add. Mr A is a lot more full on than his big brother.

So the hit occurred, there was crying (the small one because he knew he’d gone too far, the big one because it hurt) and then Mr L noticed… the blood.

And then the wailing started. Oh my. I didn’t know humans could make the sounds this kid made. Mr A hid under his bed – which was fortunate – it meant I only had one to deal with.

Mr L cried, and wailed, and sobbed, and screamed and the blood kept pouring out his mouth. He rinsed his mouth out with water and started again when he saw the blood again.

His tooth was still in his mouth. It was sideways and looking slightly like a vampire fang but hanging in there. I thought it needed to come out so I said he had to eat a banana. There was no way he was going to let me pull it.

He took one bite and removed the half eaten banana from his mouth… covered in blood.

I’m so glad the police didn’t arrive then – trying to explain one child under the bed, the other in the kitchen covered in blood holding a bloody banana would be too difficult.

We had another round of the sobbing/wailing/screaming. And another bite of banana. And repeat. And repeat. And again. And the tooth came out.

And everything was good.

Except for mum, who needed another coffee. Or two.

Catch ya…


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