Cooking with toddlers…

October 29, 2008 at 9:37 am Leave a comment

Tricked you. You thought this was going to be one of those cautionary tales about toddlers spilling stuff all over the kitchen, licking it up and causing general mayhem.

I am pleased to report that my angelic <ahem> toddler did nothing of the sort.

His mother on the other hand…

The other day I wanted to make pineapple slice. It is delicious. So very yummy. I went through the cupboards and found I was out of all the ingredients. So I decided to make chocolate weetbix slice. I didn’t even had the ingredients for that.

So I went shopping, stocked up on all the essentials (cocoa, custard powder, brown sugar, coconut) and set out this morning to cook, with the assistance of Mr A.

I had all the ingredients, of course. I also, in the course of my collecting, found a large jar of coconut, full container of cocoa and as-good-as-full container of custard powder. I was out of brown sugar though (ha, take that cooking gods!).

I’ve made this recipe many times, so I know how it goes together. That’s not a problem.

It does slow you up however, when you have to pick the butter up off the floor (of course my kitchen floor is clean enough to eat off, why do you ask?).

It also makes you stop when, in the process of putting the oats back in the cupboard, you somehow knock the top off the container and spill oats in every corner of the cupboard. Over everything.

I, being a modern woman and mother of two, took it in my stride. I finished making the slice and popped it into the oven. I set the toddler on the bench eating the remainder of the pineapple and custard filling. I found the vacuum and proceeded to suck all those little oats out of my cupboard.

Job done.

Now I’d better go and check on it in case in burns.

Catch ya…


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