Have you met Alice?

September 22, 2008 at 7:15 pm Leave a comment

I’ve made no secret that Mr L is a gifted child. Not just a “I think my kid is pretty smart” kind of kid, but a full-on gifted child. The kind that teachers only get a couple of times in their careers. It makes for some interesting times. that’s for sure.

We’ve been lucky that friends and family notice things and think, “Hey, Mr L would like that!” It’s wonderful, because we find out about things we might not necessarily have know about that are perfect for our boy.

Case in point – Alice. I had never heard of Alice until a friend mentioned it and thought Mr L would love it. She was so right. Alice is a 3D programming environment that is free and aimed at high school/college students. It’s designed to give students a positive first experience at programming.

Oh boy, does he love it. We only installed it today, and I haven’t even looked at it yet. All I’ve seen is the little scene he’s made with characters talking and moving around.  I was bursting with pride that he’d picked it up so quickly, and on his own too.

If you’ve got a tween with an interest in computers or a gifted child of your own, I’d recommend checking it out. Almost makes me wish I was back in the classroom teaching again. Almost.

That’s my brag for today. Hey, it’s my blog – I can talk about what I like. 😉

Catch ya…


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