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July 3, 2008 at 10:37 pm 1 comment


This is straight from my Ravelry account. I’m documenting the progress on cardigan I’m knitting.

18/6 Major gauge issues. Not sure whether it’s me, the pattern or the yarn. I think I’ve got it sorted, so I knit bravely onwards.

19/6 Back nearly done. Not the most simple pattern to understand, but I think that’s due to the translation to English.

21/6 Back done. 30cm up front and about to decipher the increases, decreases and shaping and work out how to do them all at once…

21/6 Front going better than expected (I shouldn’t say that else the Knitting Gods strike me down).

26/6 One front done. Looks an odd shape, but that’s what I expected. Fingers crossed it’s the correct odd shape. I’ve started the second front (and managed to get all the way up before I realised I’d forgot the vertical purl row parallel to the band – easily fixed). Just about to start the shaping on it.

28/6 Minor setback. Fixed the parallel band but no amount of wishing could change the fact I should have decreased by 5 forty odd rows back. So I ripped it out and started fresh. I’m almost back to where I was when I noticed my complete lack of ability to read a pattern… the second time.

29/6 *sigh* In my boundless enthusiasm, I started the shaping too soon. More frogging ensued. I need to do this stuff in the day time, not the evening. Then I might get to bed earlier and more mistakes might not happen.
Yeah. Right.

30/6 Apparently I can’t count. Or knit. And I definitely cannot do both at the same time.

1/7 Planning a radical change of plan. Going to frog entire left front and all I’ve knitted of the right front and attempt to knit them for the 38th time together at the same time on one set of needles. Tomorrow.

3/7 Frogged. Just the fronts. I’ve started again, knitting both fronts at the same time and (fingers crossed) all going as planned (considering my initial plan hasn’t changed – that is, knit the bloody thing right).

Despite this I still think knitting is relaxing.

Catch ya…

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  • 1. Sue Jones  |  July 6, 2008 at 7:56 am

    hehe Karen. This sounds like me with some of my crosstitch patterns. I think I’ve done great and then realise that I have to unpick so many rows to fix the bit I stuffed up.
    Good luck with that relaxing!


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