Spring cleaning randomness…

November 22, 2007 at 12:20 pm Leave a comment

It’s Thursday. Monday and Tuesday – stinking hot. Air conditioner on, fan going, too hot to be outside kinda hot. Yesterday – rain, rain, rain and cold. Today, I’m freezing. I’m back in the winter clothes again. Madness.

Mr L had the day off school yesterday, and seeing as the weather was bad, we went to my parents for the day. Much to my mother’s shock delight, I cleaned out some boxes of old “treasures” of mine from childhood. And what did I learn?

  • hoarding old university papers is a waste of time and space.
  • I really have been taking photos for a very long time. I am pleased to say they have improved.
  • I don’t really need to do much to make my mum happy – just clean up some boxes.

Finds of the day:

  • Nintendo Snoopy Tennis – working and in it’s original box. Mr L enjoyed playing with the “antique”.
  • This photo:
    My dearest friend and I 16 years ago.
  • And this photo:
    Mr G and I in Year 12 (no, we weren’t together then, just standing beside each other in the school photo).

And now for the randomness. If you like your photographic subjects to have more than two legs, check out Rachael Hale’s work – this one has long been a favourite, but this one is too cute for words. I’m usually not a fan of cute, but there’s something about her work that I love.

Tell me, who’s photos do you like?

Catch ya…


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It’s raining… A pox on thee…

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