The fish, the chips and the adventure….

June 21, 2007 at 11:07 am 1 comment

Last night, despite the fact I had a perfectly nice dinner planned, Mr G wanted fish and chips.

He called ahead, we all get in the car, drive 10 minutes into town, collect said take away and return home. We pull up in the driveway, in the rain, when Mr G realises that he can’t find his keys. Do I have keys? No. So we turn around and take the boys and the fish and chips for a drive back into town to find the keys.

The keys aren’t there. They’re not in the car park, they’re not in the shop, they’re not there.

So we call my parents, who do have a set of keys. They are, of course, 15 minutes away from our place, and we are 25 minutes from theirs. So we drive towards their place, Dad drives towards our place and we plan to stop when we see each other to exchange keys.

There is only one town we have to go through to achieve this. To get the keys, get home out of the rain and eat the rapidly cooling chips. One town, but with two ways to get through it. As we are driving through Route A, we can see the headlights of a vehicle going down Route B. After 10 minutes sitting outside the local shop, we realise that the headlights on Route B must have been Dad, so we turn the car around to drive the 10 minutes back home to find Dad sitting in our driveway.

A further five minutes of fumbling with keys in the dark and rain finally unlocks the front door. The chips are cold, the kids are hungry and my father is bemused.

And Mr G’s keys? Sitting right where he left them in their usual place.

I am cooking dinner tonight.

Catch ya…


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