The adventures of Defective Woman…

May 29, 2007 at 5:46 pm Leave a comment

That’s right, folks, I am Defective Woman.

I had my eyes tested today. I’ve worn glasses since I was three, so the fact that my eyesight isn’t that good wasn’t a big shock to the system. The optometrist looked into my eyes and said (that sounds romantic, doesn’t it?) “You have scars on your eye”. Huh? Scars? The next thing out of his mouth was “Were you a forceps delivery?” Double huh?

Turns out, when my chubby little 9lb+ body was wrenched reluctantly into this world (three weeks later than my due date) way back in 1972, there was damage done. Just a little bit, but enough. Kinda cool, isn’t it? That it’s taken 34 years to identify it. My husbands quite pleased I am defective. He says it explains a lot (ha).

I have chosen my new glasses. They’re a bit more “hip” than I’m used to – the fact that I wrote hip in inverted commas attests to my level of coolness. Not very. They shall be here and on my head next week.

The wind is roaring through here tonight and I hope there’s rain on the way. I have to go and take Mr L to swimming, but I’ll be glad to be back and safe home later on.

Catch ya…


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