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May 16, 2007 at 11:14 pm Leave a comment

Today consisted of sharing the joys of a half open cardboard box with Mr A. Bet you didn’t know that we could spend all day playing with a piece of cardboard with three folds in it. Turns out there are a surprising amount of things you can do with it. Ramp. Tunnel. Fan. Table. Stool (that one didn’t work so well, but it was a good idea of his in theory).

The box actually came in the mail this morning. It held the much sought after photo reprints. So is the album finished? Not exactly. I forgot to get one of the photos printed, so we won’t talk about the Tasmanian album.

And rounding out my day was the usual scintillating conversation that we are known for around here – a prolonged discussion with Mr G on whether Tony Robinson had dyed his hair or just let it go grey. Verdict – couldn’t decide.

So I’m off to bed, hopefully to sleep tonight. Mr A ended up in bed with me last night (Mr G was relegated to the lounge room so at least one of us got a good nights sleep). We’ve said sharing a bed with Mr L is like sharing a bed with an octopus – arms and legs everywhere. Mr A – oh boy, when the Sleep School ladies said he was an active sleeper, they weren’t kidding. Arms and legs everywhere, but also talking, making noises, sitting up (I woke up on two separate occasions – one with his little cheek pressed to mine – the other with his bum on my shoulder and his “other” cheek pressed against mine), legs on the pillow, horizontal in the bed, head in my lap – and all the time making noise. Any wonder he’s tired when he gets up some mornings.

Catch ya…


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