Ribbit, ribbit…

March 27, 2007 at 11:09 am Leave a comment

I had no idea that unpulling knitting was called frogging. Because you “rip it, rip it.” Here is my wonderful jumper for husband. Front and back – perfect. Sleeve – not quite. So this morning I called in the big guns. Mum came over and in 3 minutes had worked out what went wrong (my reading of the pattern, apparently) and had me sorted out on the best course of action. See those little balls of wool? They were a sleeve once. She suggested pulling it out to about 1/3 from the start, but I said no, lets start again. So off we go.


img_0383.jpgThis is my little sock knitting bag. Handy to pop in the car to knit along while we’re going somewhere (not while I’m driving of course). The colours are a little unusual for me, but the yarn was cheap and I really love it. It’s so soft and felted beautifully.

In other non-exciting news, Mr A had his immunisation yesterday. Ouch. He went to bed at 5pm last night for a nap and slept for FOURTEEN hours. It really knocked him out. We enjoyed the break though. Is that wrong?

Mr L has an “egg drop” at school on Thursday, so we are all madly thinking and designing an egg parachute. Good family fun.

And I’m off to play with wool before Mr A gets up and decides he wants to play with wool.

Catch ya…

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Ok… Another wedding…

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