Cast on, knit, unravel, repeat…

January 28, 2007 at 10:01 pm Leave a comment

The weather here is decidedly autumnish at the moment, so knitting is back on the cards. Thanks to all those who emailed with suggestions – esp the nice person who suggested the knitted turtle(sorry, don’t know your name – but that turtle was sooooo cute!) and Pri who suggested Craftster (what a yummo site).

From browsing those two sites alone, I decided what I’m knitting and trying. I’m starting with a felted bag, then attempting some felted slippers and then some socks. Highly ambitious I know, but there’s method in the madness. The felted bag is a test run for a) felting and b) knitting on dpn (double pointed needles). The felted slipper use those skills and are supposedly “forgiving” of errors. The socks, while not forgiving, will use the lessons learnt during the making of the first two. Sensible, right?

Not so sensible at 11pm yesterday as I’m sitting in front of the tv casting on for the hundredth time trying to get 8 stitches of 4 dpns to knit and not knot. Frustration to the extreme. I cast on 16 stitches and I could do it, just not with 8. So I got on the internet and explored alternative methods that used what needles I already had. Kinda worked. I gave up and went to bed and tackled it again this morning. Cast on, knit, unravel, repeat. So, fed up and determined that 4 skinny needles weren’t going to get the better of me, I cast on 32 stitches and started from there. Ha. Sure, the bag has a 1 inch wide hole in the bottom of it, but it started like a dream so I kept on going (I’ll stitch it up later – felting is forgiving, I’m telling myself). The base is now complete and I’m starting on the sides. I’m going to add some stripes into the plain pattern, and maybe even a felted flower too – nothing like a bit of overkill while learning.

On the digi front, all the papers and all the alphas for the Gender Balance collection are done, I’m pleased to report. I haven’t just been knitting! I have no idea how long it will take to complete the rest as school goes back this week and we’ve got a few things on. I’ve got some ideas but will be making copious notes now I’ve got the papers done. And I’ll try and get a sneak peek up tomorrow!

Well it’s 11pm and Mr A hasn’t woken for his 10-11pm feed that he demands (yes, he’s 11 months old today and yes, still has that feed) so I might go to bed while I can.

Catch ya…


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