January 19, 2007 at 11:35 am 3 comments

Ok. I’m going to put this out there.

I am scared to start knitting again.

Scared because, of all reasons, last time I was knitting my grandmother died. I spent many hours beside her hospital bed knitting while she slept. I am (irrationally) scared that if I knit again, someone might die. How crazy is that?

I want to knit again. Not sure what I want to knit, but that’s never stopped me doing anything before. I got a book on felted knitting from the library last week, and I think I’d like to try my hand at that. But there was nothing in there that grabbed me. I’d like to try something small – slippers or socks or a little toy for Mr A. Any ideas? Anyone tried it before?? Know of any good sites to point me towards?

It will be a while before I start anyway as it’s so stinkin’ hot here. Muggy today. Although we’ve had a few mm of rain, which has made the air smell delicious, but it’s still hot.

Now to a total change of topic. iPod. Last year I bought an iPod. Tell me, how did I live without this sucker? Love. It. To. Bits. My family is hooked on podcasts (all of us on sciencey ones, me on Photoshop ones – love me a good videocast) – Mr L is listening to Star Stuff as I type. When we head off for the day, I chuck the iPod in my bag and we listen to the latest Nature podcast or National Geographic podcast. We like the Archaeology Channel podcast and the Ockham’s Razor podcast too. Oh yes, we’re a family of nerds. (Actually, Mr G and Mr A are the least nerdy of us, which makes Mr L and I pretty nerdy, but I deny all knowledge of that).

I’d better go and get Mr L some lunch before Mr A wakes up an demands the same. Fun fun. I’ve got some new stuff up at SBB – silver alphas. I’ll post a pic when I’ve got time (ha!).

Catch ya…

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I love a wedding… Excited…

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  • 1. snarflemarfle  |  January 19, 2007 at 1:42 pm

    I’m so sorry about your grandmother. My grandmother taught me how to crochet and I love to crochet and think of how she and her best friend taught my sister and me. We had a great time just making chains! Hopefully you’ll be able to use knitting to remember how wonderful your grandmother was.

    As for knitting sites, I’ve just started to teach myself and I’ve been over at knitty ( the knitty board ( They have some great, hip patterns and even this pattern for a cute little turtle…

    While you’re being bothered with the mugginess, we’re about to have a foot of snow dumped on us!

  • 2. Priscilla  |  January 20, 2007 at 11:19 am

    I understand about the being nervous to start knitting again…..but I think you should go for it!
    Love the new alphas!! Especially the ones with the words on them.

  • 3. Priscilla  |  January 20, 2007 at 11:21 am

    oh man, I meant to add a link to this site:
    I spend waaayyy to much time getting ideas and admiring all the craftyness!!


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