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December 29, 2006 at 3:30 pm Leave a comment

I’ve lost my voice. Mr A and I have got some yucky sore throat, and my voice has gone.

Mr G thought that it would be a good morning, however, to go out for a ride. Mr A didn’t sleep, Mr L was being a pain, and Mr G arrived back half an hour late, just as I’d got the boys in the car to go out looking for him. So, he copped it – via some expressive hand movements and some frantic scribbling on Mr L’s Megasketcher. In hindsight, it must have looked comical, but at the time I was a bit cross, and when you don’t have a voice…


In other news, Mr A is still loving his “brooom”. It’s very exciting to be able to walk around. His balance has improved so much in the past two weeks. He’ll be off in no time.

Mr L is still playing with the Christmas loot. We took him to see “Night at the Museum” yesterday – good kids movie! He enjoyed it, and liked it just being mum, dad and him for a change. He wants to read the book of it now, so we’re on a mission to track it down.

I have done nothing designing wise at all for nearly two weeks now. Kinda nice to have a break. Got lots of ideas, as always. Just need to get going!

Better go and save Mr G from being dribbled on by Mr A (who did NOT get two front teeth for Christmas).

Catch ya…


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Christmas wrap… Guess…

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