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December 20, 2006 at 7:20 pm Leave a comment

My kids have something to say. Talkers, both of them. Mr L, with his usual style, would only talk if he could be incredibly articulate. His first sentence was at 8 1/2 months. He turned to me and said “Where Dad go?” and I was so shocked, I answered him. There was only “mum-mums” and “dad-dads” before and after that, for a long while. Of course now we can’t stop him.

Mr A is heading down the same path. At 7 months old, he was lying in bed of a morning calling out “mum-mum, dad-dad”. At nearly 10 months, we’re trying to teach him to wave hello, but all we’re getting is him saying “hello”, no actual waving yet. He’s picked up the clapping quickly, although he did just say “clap” each time for a bit.

And the last two nights, we’ve been given the hurry-on by him. After dinner he has a bath. Mr A loves his bathtime. So how to let your parents know that it’s bathtime? Crawl up to the bathroom, sit in the middle of the room and chant “bath-bath-bath” until they get the idea. Well, it’s more like “barf-barf-barf”, but he knows what he’s doing.

This kiddo is a talker like his brother. And he’s gonna dive in feet first to talking. Here’s Mr A again, scrapped, albeit simply, with Brenda Kampf’s gorgeous Hip Holiday kit (the papers are so gorgeous) and a quote by Mindy Terasawa.


Last day of school for the year tomorrow. Then it’s 5 weeks at home with the talkers. Not sure whether I’m excited about it or not yet.

Catch ya…


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