Seal pup and other adventures…

December 12, 2006 at 6:15 pm Leave a comment

Yesterday Mr A started crawling like a real baby. He’s been powering along for nearly 2 months like a seal pup, despite the fact he could crawl if he wanted to. But, it looks like the leopard seal has changed his spots and is going to real baby crawling. This is very important. Why?

Because of the seal pup moving, he stopped drinking during the day. Fair enough. If I moved all over the house bouncing on my (generous) tummy, I wouldn’t drink either. So he went to drinking at night. Not so good for us. Back to night feeds. But today, he’s drunk a bottle and a half, the most he’s drunk since really starting to move. Fingers crossed for continual progress, and if it’s back to daytime drinking, then it’s bye bye night feeds. Again.

In other adventures, I went to my fav scrap shop today, the Max in Moe. Yummy shop, yummy stock, and what do I buy? Some Cars paper… My nephew is crazy about Cars, so I’m going to cut up the paper and laminate it into a game for him. Can’t believe I bought that paper. My only saving grace is I’m not going to scrap with it. And I got a nice surprise and Amber was there. 🙂

On the weekend, my SIL gave us the nicest Christmas present. It was a huge box, and as Mr G was opening it I was thinking, “OK, popcorn maker, inflatable Santa, electronic board game….” Wrong on all counts. She collected everything – everything – that she has on Mr G’s family tree and gave us a copy. Photos, birth certificates, letters, the lot. I haven’t even been through the box yet, but it’s such an amazing present. We’re going to get together soon and scan in the rest of the photos. I tell you, if you have someone that you could make a gift like this to, do it – such a wonderful present, and the security of knowing these precious parts of our family history are now in at least 2 locations.

And to finish, my new latest fav site – Stuff on My Cat. Oh my. If I had to use pictures to describe my sense of humour, I would just send you here.

Catch ya…


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Christmas shopping gone wrong… Not what I want to see…

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