Hot stuff, baby…

December 10, 2006 at 8:34 pm 1 comment

Too hot for me. We went to the big smoke for the weekend – literally. With all the bushfire smoke blowing straight into Melbourne, it was very smoky. We’d booked some ultra cheap accommodation at a very nice hotel we’d stayed in before – we’d booked months ago, thinking we’d get nice weather. We got hot weather. Hottest day in over 100 years kinda weather. 42 degrees (107 in the old money). Oh well.

We rolled up Friday night, after I’d spent the day blobbed on the lounge floor with Mr A, feeling totally sick and not able to move. I was so tired, fevery and blergh – not a good start. Had a good night sleep in air conditioned comfort, until 5.30am, when Mr A decided it was time to party.

img_6344.jpgThis was the view of the sunrise from our window. A glowing sun through the smoke haze. We thought we’d get up and moving seeing as the boys weren’t going back to sleep, so we drove through South Yarra and Toorak and saw how the other half live. Man, there were some amazing homes. We got back to Chadstone at 8.30am and were amazed at the number of people already there ready to shop. Scary. We left at 9.30, after I’d been to Borders to buy a BadCat calendar. Tee hee. Bad kitty, baaaad kitty.

We went to Scienceworks, which Mr L enjoyed, despite racing around the place like a headless chicken. So much to see. He enjoyed it – Mr A just liked looking at everything (and NOT going to sleep). We went from there down to Mr G’s sisters and had afternoon tea with them, before heading back to the hotel. We had our most favourite ever food from the best Chinese restaurant – and it tasted exactly like it used to and was divine. So strange, we used to eat there before we were married, and we’re still loving it 10 years later…

crw_6343.jpgMr A slept in until 5.45am today. We packed up and headed into the city early to see the Myer Christmas windows with my dearest friend and her family. It was 27 degrees at 9am but it was worth it. The theme this year was Wombat Divine, a book by Mem Fox. img_6346.jpgIt was just gorgeous – so well put together. We joined the long queue and went past the windows showing the story with wonderful animatronic figures. Fantastic. We went to the Bot Gardens for morning tea, but the temperature had soared by then, and it was 38 degrees. We sat under a tree in the sensational Children’s Garden while Mr L explored and Mr A and Miss E ate gumnuts.

Check out little Miss E – talk about cute. Love this little girl. I took about 20 photos in a minute so I’m glad I got at least one I’m pleased with.

img_6357-copy.jpg img_6351-copy.jpg img_6360-copy.jpg

Then it was off to Mr G’s brothers for lunch and a much needed rest under the air conditioner and then into the car for the trip back out to the sticks, with the cool change on our heels. So glad to be home.

And the funniest/oddest thing of the weekend award…. It’s a tie between Mr L, who thought it was ok on Saturday morning to eat part of a hamburger he had left in the car the night before (I can’t believe I’m admitting that) and the scene that we saw at the GPO.

img_6345.jpgThis is the GPO. It is the absolute centre of Melbourne. There were several hundred people there in the heat this morning. Suddenly 2 fire engines and a ambo came roaring up the Mall, sirens and lights going and stopped just up from us. We looked and couldn’t see what was happening, so we kept going. On the way back, we saw what had caused all the fuss. A kid, about 5 yrs old, had got stuck, goodness knows how, between the hand rail and the wall and was being extracted by the fire brigade. I know I shouldn’t laugh, but thank goodness he wasn’t one of mine….

So that’s where I’m at. I’ve slowly got “healthier” over the weekend and am not running a temp any more. Mr A can now pull himself up without any assistance (insert unenthusiastic “yay” here). Mr L is in bed with a doona, blanket and socks on, because it was 42 today. Nutter. Mr G is veged on the couch in denial that the weekend even existed. I am still miffed I didn’t finish my “anti-snow” kit on Friday. And now I’m off to bed. Next time I’ll share our very cool Christmas present from my SIL. It’s something other scrapers would (should) appreciate.

Catch ya…


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Done, done, diddly, done… Christmas shopping gone wrong…

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  • 1. Amber  |  December 11, 2006 at 8:40 pm

    Glad you feeling better, nothing worse than being sick when your still the mummy.

    How gorgeous is miss E’s eyes, she’s just beautiful.

    The kid getting stuck in the city….sooooo could have been my Jacob, definately something he would do, last time we only had the police, still waiting for the day we need the fire brigade for him though, LOL. And, yep, my kids would leave and later try to eat something, that would be Hailey though 😉


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