Adventures in make up…

November 21, 2006 at 10:20 am Leave a comment

As I was helping out at the birthday celebrations on the weekend, I thought I’d better make a bit of an effort, appearance wise.
I put on make up.
I knew I hadn’t worn make up for a while, but when I came out and Mr L said “Mum, you look funny”, I realised it has been a long while.

Some of the tubes of lipstick were so old I had them before I got married (9 1/2 years ago). I found a dry looking stick of something close to the right colour and used that. Yesterday, I remembered why I don’t wear make up, esp that lipstick (as I’m sure the same thing happened last time) – I’ve got an icky kind of blister on my lip. So today, I had to go out, so I thought, right, out with the old lippy, in with some new.


Lipstick doesn’t just come in little sticks any more. Who knew?? There were tubes and brushes and sticks and pencils and it was all a little overwhelming really. I’ve got something in a tube with a brush and gloss on the other end.  It looks the “right” colour (a few shades darker than my lip colour – I’m very adventurous). Now to toss the old stuff.

We had a special visitor this morning. This is an Australian King Parrot, and this one was quite friendly. We used to get them all the time at our old house, but this was the first friendly one we’ve had here. They boys loved it, and we gave him some seed. Gorgeous, isn’t he? (it’s a he – the girls have more green on them)


I can hear Mr A wandering around his cot, so I’d better go and liberate him.

Catch ya…


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