October 30, 2006 at 11:58 am 1 comment

Another busy weekend gone by. Mr L went to my parents for the weekend, so he had a ball – as did my parents apparently! Mr A and Mr G stayed home and hung around the house in the freezing cold (ran out of gas, and we’re not on the summer run, so no heat until May unless we get wood in). I think my husband has a new appreciation for what happens here when he’s not each day now!

On Saturday I drove for 2 hours to spend 7 hours in a lecture on gifted children. This taught me a few things – a) I don’t think I can go back to formal study again, b) I can do a lot (and learn a lot) in 7 hours and c) Mr L is most definitely gifted. It’s an incredible feeling to sit and listen to someone talking about children that has pertinent relevance to your child and your situation. A lot of it was confirmation of what I already knew about Mr L but there were a few enlightening things. I had no idea, for example, about “overexcitabilities” – intense reactions to things. Right from the start, there’s been… oddreactions to things. You know when kids have had enough food, how they cover their mouth to indicate they’re finished? Not Mr L – he used to cover his ears. Freaks out at certain noises, can’t stand water on his face, hair washing or nail-cutting, couldn’t touch bananas, still has trouble with the texture of play-doh, hated bare feet and grass, and then there was the whole “had to wear socks in the bath” phase we went through at 2…. Turns out, it’s perfectly…. “normal”. As is the meltdowns he occasionally still has, especially when he’s tired. Panic attacks and tears over something small, like misplacing a toy or forgetting to bring something to school. Do you know what a relief it is to know that this is all ok, and emc.jpgnot a reflection on you, your parenting skills, your child, that it’s just how it is with kids like this? And I found this the other day – E=mc2 – in the dust on our heater. I must remember that it is mostly good. And exciting. Understanding it goes a long way towards dealing with it.

Mr A, on the other hand, is mostly mobile now. Not crawling, not really commando crawling either -more of a “seal” movement. He’s also wanting a bottle at night, about to pop his first tooth, down to 3 hrs sleep in the day, up at 6am and ready to go, a massive sticky beak and talking like a crazy man. Phew.  He had his first tast of vegemite on toast for lunch today, and loved it. I’m with him there. Yum, yum. Now, hopefully, he’ll have a sleep so I can get some new stuff up to the store. He had 1/2 hr this morning, which is not enough for either of us!

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  • 1. Priscilla  |  October 30, 2006 at 6:05 pm

    that is wonderful – what you learnt in that lecture – I can imagine its such a relief to know that Mr L is ‘normal’ for a gifted child – (I think quietly, that he might just be smarter than me already!!)

    LOL about the seal movements – how funny and cute that must be to watch!

    Vegemite??? MARMITE RULES!!!


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