Do you drive with your eyes open?

October 19, 2006 at 8:53 pm Leave a comment

I ask this because so many people drive about with their eyes closed and don’t see what’s around them.

We live in a small country town, so going out involves driving through farmland or bush, no matter where you’re headed. Today Mr A and I have been into the pool to check out Mr L at swimming lessons (we prove to be a big distraction to him, so we won’t go again, but at least we’ve seen where he’s at – and it’s all good) and on the way home I saw three interesting things.

  • Some cows doing interesting things (enough said).
  • A blue tongue lizard crossing the road (I turned the car around to go and pick up the bluey and move him so he didn’t get squashed, but he was off by the time I got back, which was good for him).
  • A van with a dog beautifully silhouetted in the front seat, his head bobbing along with the drivers as they took the bumps and corners of the road.

This might not seem exciting to anyone else but me, but I like seeing this stuff. The stuff other people miss (ok, no one was probably going to miss the cows). The little things.

No birds of prey today, but I’ve still got to go grocery shopping, so there’s still time to see my little crepusculan friends as I drive home.

Here’s today’s freebies – water and petal. Enjoy. Check back tomorrow… there could be a sale about to happen…. 😉

Catch ya…

PS I finally got around to posting this and I saw two small hobbys flying around near home. Made me smile. 🙂


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Um… 21 again…

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