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crw_5991.jpgBit of a misnomer, isn’t it? Solids. Nothing solid about what’s going into this kiddo’s mouth. Mush would be more appropriate. There’s much interest in it – lots of rolling it over his tongue and swirling it about in his mouth. There may have even been some swallowing. There was definitely some mess. He’s ready though – so interested in us eating, and smacks his lips when he sees it appear. At at a whopping 18lb+, bottles aren’t cutting it any more. He needs a little something more.

The big boy’s off at school. Happy to be going. Even happier to be going to a friends house to play tomorrow night. They have a little baby too, three months older than Mr A. Will be interesting to see how that aspect of his visit goes… He still shows little to no interest in the perfectly good baby he has at home.

The big shops are having their toy sales at the moment – I think I’ve decided what to get Mr A, but Mr L…. that’s another story. How much Lego does one kid need? And he’s not a kid that’s easy to shop for – he’d get something like a Transformer and go, wow, cool! But would hardly give it a second glance later on. Whereas a good book, or Lego, or a science set…. hours and hours of fun. He’s still playing daily with Santa’s gift from last year – an electronics set. I see Hot Wheels has put out a speed detection radar, which is something that Mr L would love. He’s such a statistician. Decision, decisions…

Even more exciting that Christmas shopping in July… we had a little bit of rain, and I think it’s going to rain again in a minute. Haven’t had a lot lately – the driest June on record for years – and considering it’s Winter, a little rain is most welcome.

Catch ya…


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Finding a happy thing… Lesson #348…

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